NQ Lending is a small Cairns based business that takes pride in helping its clients successfully navigate all aspects of finance from start to finish.
Whether a new start -up business or a mature existing business Danny Adams (Principal and founder of NQ Lending) has the specialist skills to guide his clients through the journey to make finance matters and dealing with banks easy.
With over 40 years in the finance industry Danny has created a lifetime charter in negotiating the best possible outcomes for his clients with banks and finance companies.


Danny is a firm believer in matching a business to a chosen bank that knows and understands the industry and economic climates that business will have to trade in both today and into the future.
Supporting clients from the beginning to the end with banking products from loans to trading accounts, merchant facilities to equipment finance is all part of an average day for NQ Lending.
In fact, there has been nothing more rewarding for Danny than watching clients buy their first business and successfully operate that business through to a sale and then retirement.


You must have experience and expertise on your side and whilst Danny’s time in the finance industry has afforded him the skills and knowledge help make a loan transaction as seamless as possible, he is also a very strong advocate for sourcing a team to help in creating success. He has aligned NQ Lending with specialist Accountants, Lawyers, Insurers and Bank Managers that are also highly capable and well respected in their chosen fields.


Never settle for second best, especially when undertaking a transaction that can change your life. Whether buying a car, purchasing a home or starting a business the importance of sourcing the best people to help you make it happen with confidence and getting it right for both today and into the future is a must.

Why not give Danny a call to discuss your proposal, it may just be the best phone call you ever make.

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